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EHS Men’s Lacrosse "To Do's" for the Week of 1/27

By EHS Men’s Lacrosse, 01/26/20, 2:30PM MST


Great to see everyone at the parent/player meeting this weeks.  We wanted to remind you all of some important “to do’s for the week”

1)  Nick Ossello & Brent Adams EHS Pre-Season Clinic:   We're continuing our efforts to bring in top level, professional coaching from the best the PLL has to offer. Again... we expecting everyone to attend this. Although, this is an additional cost, it's an AMAZING VALUE. $75, and Nick and Brent will be suiting up with you to work on specific skills and high level offensive and defensive concepts. Please register ASAP. Here's that link: . 

2)  Jr. Officials Training Program:  Want to work on your EHS Men’s Lacrosse volunteer hours and get paid to do that?  EHS Men’s Lacrosse, in conjunction with other like minded high school lacrosse programs, has started a new middle school lacrosse association, IMSLA (Idaho Middle School Lacrosse Association).  We'll need officials for our middle school games, so if you have interest in officiating youth lacrosse, there's an officials training session through ILOA scheduled February 22.  There may be more interest than we have spots to send, so register with EHS Men’s Lacrosse with this link: .  The EHS Men’s Lacrosse Coaching Staff will make the final determination of those who will be selected to participate in the training, and in turn, officiate youth lacrosse on Saturdays (after your games).  You can not participate in training without registering with EHS Men’s Lacrosse first.

3) Helmet Order:  For those of you who are new to our program, just a reminder that an EHS Men’s Lacrosse helmet is a required piece of equipment.  You can order yours by going in to LAX ID and signing up for the team order.  Order will drop on February 14th so the helmets are here for our first JV and Middle school games. 

4)  IHSLL registration:  the league requires registration with them BEFORE you step on the field for your first practice.  The registration is super simple and fast, so no reason to delay.  Head on over to and get ‘er dun!  

5)  Hudl Account:  Please remember that we’ll be using Hudl for ALL PLAYER COMMUNICATION this spring.  You’ve all been added to our team, but you need to activate your accounts.  For most of you, your invitation will arrive to the account email that you registered with for EHS Men’s Lacrosse on Sports Engine.  You may need to check your junk mail for your invitation.  All invitations have been sent out for new players, players that didn’t activate last year, or activate in the Fall.  For those who’ve been using Hudl, please take a minute to sign in and make sure your accounts are up to speed and working.  We’ll begin sending out team communications via Hudl this week.

Looking …forward to being on the field with you all, Nick, and Brent this Saturday…  Go 'Stangs!