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OFFTHEFIELD Training Begins Tomorrow!

By EHS Men’s Lacrosse Coaching Staff, 11/02/20, 7:15AM MST


Good Morning ‘Stangs!

Just a reminder the OFFTHEFIELD training begins tomorrow.  Again, our coaching staff would like to emphasize how important we feel this training is.  It’s simply more than just going to the gym and lifting weights, OTF has designed a sport specific training program, that will help us prevent injury and become more athletic…  specifically, with lacrosse in mind.  It is also specifically designed to help our athletes develop over their entire EHS Men’s Lacrosse career, and builds from year to year (freshman to senior).

Because of that training evolution, the programs will be slightly different for each of our groups.  This is due to the difference in athleticism, physical development, and training of the three groups.  Seniors and Juniors will automatically be placed in the varsity group (this does not indicate you will play on the varsity team in the spring however), Sophomores and Freshmen will be placed in the JV group.  OTF Training Specifics can be found at:

Again, we told the fall players that the spring season begins in November this year.  As a coaching staff we feel STRONGLY about every player participating in OTF training.  It’s paramount to our teams success!

Sign Up Links:


Junior Varsity

Eagle Select

Step by Step Sign Up Process

New Members:

1) Fill out athlete information

2) Legal Guardian Sign Waiver

3) Payment Process

Current or Past Members:

1) Member Portal Log-in

  • Username: Email linked to athletes account
  • Password:  Phone # linked to athletes account

2) It will take you to the "Password Reset"

  • Reset Password (it will take you to your member portal)
  • Exit out

3) Re-Click the sign up URL from email

  • Sign Waiver
  • Payment Process


Looking forward to seeing you all in the gym!

Go Mustangs!


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