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Eagle Youth Lacrosse Select (EYL-S) is a middle school (6th, 7th, 8th grade) select team that plays locally in the Idaho Middle School Lacrosse Association (IMSLA) and regional festivals/tournaments.  EYL-S is fully aligned with Eagle High School Men's Lacrosse.  Team selection is made via tryouts.  EYL-S Players have already acquired the advanced skills and athleticism required for Select Play.  Team determination is made primarily on player skill and athleticism, although player attitude and commitment are also taken into consideration.  Tryouts are open to all middle schoolers who will attend Eagle High School.

Recent EYL Middle School Select News

URGENT Seattle Tournament Withdrawl

By The Eagle High Lacrosse School Board 03/08/2020, 11:30am MDT

After much discussion with the tournament organizers and among board members – The board has decided to withdraw from the Seattle tournament. We have discussed the worst case scenario in which one of our players or family members on the trip contracts the virus and the whole team gets quarantined. Not only would that be difficult, but it could cause us to forfeit league games.

I am sure you are aware of the Corona virus cases in and around Seattle. In addition to the Governor declaring a state of emergency for the state of Washington, large businesses (Microsoft, Amazon to name several) are ordering employees to work from home. The University of Washington, and Bellevue Community College have announced all on-campus classes are cancelled for this quarter (student will need to take their classes on-line). The King County K-12 school districts decision to continue classes remains fluid. Lastly, there are teams also withdrawing from the tournament. In short, the reaction to the Corona virus in the Seattle area has continued to escalate. 

The hotel holding our block of rooms will not charge a cancellation penalty. We have heard varying accounts of airlines charging a cancellation penalty.

While we are very disappointed with not attending the Seattle tournament, we believe we are taking the most prudent steps to address parent’s concerns with having their sons travel to the Seattle area.

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