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    EHS Mens Lacrosse COVID-19 Protocols

    Daily Protocols


    • All coaches must wear facemasks at all times
    • All players to wear masks to the field, masks on before they exit their vehicle 
    • Board member or coach to meet players at the south end of the tennis court
      • Board member/Coach will go through USL return to play wellness pre-screening form with the player
      • Board member/Coach to take player's temperature and record on the pre-screening form
      • If the player isn't showing signs of COVID related illness they will be welcomed into practice


    • Field will be marked (small dot/x), all six feet apart, where players will place their bag and prepare for practice
    • Masks must still be worn until player puts on their helmet and enters practice field
    • Players will keep all gear and water bottles on their dot/x
    • Players will return to this location for water breaks & team discussions
    • No team huddles
    • No sharing water bottles
    • When not wearing a helmets players will have on masks


    • Coaches need to keep practices moving, we don't need players standing in line waiting
    • Coaches will redesign warm-ups, explore better faster-moving drills
    • Coaches to avoid bringing everyone together into a tight huddle
    • Coaches need to avoid long explanations with players just standing


    • At the end of practice, players will be expected to put on face masks as soon as removing their helmets
    • Players expected to continue to wear face mask until entering a parent's car


    • Encourage players to wash pinnie after each practice
    • Encourage players to clean any gear that comes into contact with other players during practice, after each practice


    • Under current Central District Health mandates, we will not be able to have parents attend practices.
    • CDH is considering spectators at events as a social group and therefore must be under 50 people
    • We don't currently have the ability to regulate & monitor this during our practices
    • Parents not to physically be on the grass fields at Eagle Middle School while practice is occurring, this includes the times before & after practice

    Game Day Protocols for Determining Play

    Current Central District Health Mandates & Policy Statements

    Ada County under a modified Stage 3 mandate

      • Dated June 24, updated August 11
      • In effect until further notice
      • Gatherings of 50 or more, both public and private, are hereby prohibited
      • Social gatherings of more than ten people are prohibited (indoor or outdoor)
      • Every person is required to wear a face covering that completely covers the person's nose and mouth when the person is in a public place, or on the property of a public or private or charter school, or technical school or college or university, and others are present and physical distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained
      • Facial coverings are not required to be worn under the following circumstances:
        • (g) Persons actively engaged in athletic competition, training or practice when wearing a face covering is not feasible


    • Q: What are tournament/youth activity rules? Can they still play if they have less than 50 people? What about spectators?They can still play if they follow guidelines and establish protocols to maintain the six (6) foot physical distance among participants, where possible, and between youth, adult leaders and coaches, and parents or other spectators. Youth sports can still take place.
      • A: They can still play if they follow guidelines and establish protocols to maintain the six (6) foot physical distance among participants, where possible, and between youth, adult leaders and coaches, and parents or other spectators. Youth sports can still take place.
      • Q: Are spectators a social group (limited to no more than 10 people)?
        A: Yes

    CDH Youth Sports Position Statement

    • Stage 3 (current Ada County designation)
      • Group/team practices and scrimmages may occur, but no more than two teams or groups should be present. Total number of spectators should be limited to what is allowable based on local public health orders for max capacity of gatherings sizes.
    • Stage 4
      • Scrimmages, games and no more than two leagues, schools, or groups should be present at the venue or field at the same time. Total number of spectators should be limited to what is allowable based on local public health orders for max capacity of gatherings sizes. If no max capacity size is indicated in a public health order, then organizations (including schools) should allow only the number of spectators where physical distancing of at least six feet can be maintained between non-household members.
      • If a team is traveling from another county, cancel or postpone event if team is traveling from an area designated Category 3 by their local public health department.
    • CDH also further defined youth sports activities based on their “Levels of Community Spread for Idaho Back-to-School Framework”
      • These are the categories you have been hearing them update each Monday that the school districts are using to determine whether to have in-person or online classes
      • Guidance released today (Sep 3) notes that if a school is in Category 3 (not stage, but Levels of Community Spread categories) then only intra-squad activities should occur
      • When we move to Category 2 then games between two teams can occur (Eagle v. Rocky Mtn), but no multi-team or large tournaments

    COVID-19 Community Resources


    POTENTIAL Practice Times Tomorrow

    By EHS Men’s Lacrosse Coaching Staff 02/21/2021, 10:00pm MST

    Just a quick heads up on the potential practice time tomorrow.  We're trying to secure the turf again since the grass fields at EMS still had snow on them today.  HOWEVER, this is not finalized yet.

    Potential Practice time TURF:  5:30-7:30PM
    Potential Practice Time GRASS: 4:30-6:30PM.

    We'll let you know tomorrow as soon as we have the fields finalized.

    Let's get ready to do the work!

    The EHS Men’s Lacrosse Coaching Staff

    Important Reminders: League Registration and Hudl Use

    By EHS Men’s Lacrosse Coaching Staff 02/18/2021, 9:00am MST

    A quick update on tryouts, and some IMPORTANT REMINDERS:

    The level of competition and willingness to compete has been outstanding over the first 2 days of tryouts.  It puts us, as coaches, in a difficult position with varsity team selections.  It's certainly a credit to our programs depth, and bodes well for the success of both varsity and JV squads this spring. 

    League Registration:  We still have one important last step for many of your players to be eligible for league play, the IHSLL League Registration. This registration is FREE and quick since it is very similar to our EHS Men’s Lacrosse registration. If not completed by Sunday, your player will no longer be allowed on the field with us.  Here's the link:

    Hudl:  A quick reminder.  Hudl is for our coaching staff to communicate directly with the players.  Parent/guardian updates will be on the website and sent out via Sports Engine.  Don't worry, you'll be in the know.  Please let us help our athletes develop the communication skills and accountability that not only makes them successful on the field, but also in life.

    We've got an intense 2 days remaining.  Player assignment to rosters will occur no later than Monday.   Let's go earn another state championship ring!

    Go 'Stangs!

    The EHS Men’s Lacrosse Coaching Staff

    EHS LAX Leadership and Contact Information

    Name Title Role Email Phone
    Scott Billing Head Coach Varsity and Overall Program Alignment (208) 447-6950
    Peter Morrissey President Supervision & Control (425) 249-1899‬
    Mark Eriksen Vice President Coaches, Parent Liaison (208) 863-0022
    Heidi Ehle Treasurer Funds Management (208) 870-4814
    Cari West Communications Coordinator Document & Communicate (208) 631-3547‬
    Cara Steele Volunteer Coordinator

    Fills the needs of the Club, Teams, &

    Fundraising with Volunteer Help (208) 871-2744
    Nick Hynes Field Manager Equipment and Fields ‭(208) 991-7910‬
    Khammouane Senethavilay IHSLL League Rep  IHLL & AD Interface (208) 890-3628

    Malissa Meyer

    Fund Raising Coordinator Plan and execute programs to help raise money (208) 315-3349
    Travis Goodpaster Eagle Youth LAX Liaison Act as a conduit to HS board to execute youth lacrosse vision  


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