Eagle Men's Lacrosse
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Mission Statement

The Eagle High School Men's Lacrosse Club aspires to be an outstanding student -athlete organization by creating a self-perpetuating, volunteer program that:

  • Develops players through the sport of lacrosse, where striving to win is pursued in concert with teaching and building good lacrosse skills, and providing a positive, character-building opportunity for all participants, and where every athlete:
    • Is given the opportunity to have fun playing the game;
    • Wh "gives it his all" and will be treated as an important part of the team regardless of performance;
    • Learns the skills tactics, and strategies of the game and improves as a player; and
    • Develops an awareness of their own physical capabilities and how to optimize their contribution to the team.
  • Recognizes our coaches are the ones who most directly make this all possible.  It is our goal to select coaches that embody this approach and provide them with the tools and support to be able to be successful. We will provide ongoing education for our coaches, including US Lacrosse Certification training.
  • Is committed to creating a positive culture in which coaches, parents, fans, officials, and athletes work together to achieve our mission.
  • Champions the development of lacrosse in our community working in collaboration with Eagle Youth Lacrosse, Local Youth Lacrosse Leagues, the Idaho High School Lacrosse League, the Idaho Lacrosse Association, and the US Lacrosse Association.

Core Values

  • Team Success:  where the focus is on the success of the whole team and every player feels like a valued member of the team regardless of individual performance.
  • Sportsmanship:  honoring the game, upholding the spirit, as well as the letter of the rules, respecting opponents and officials, and demonstrating the integrity in behavior.
  • Positive Culture:  through hiring coaches who support the club mission statement and values, we will provide a culture where players who have a commitment to lacrosse will have an opportunity to develop as players.  Where all involved (players, coaches, parents, officials, and fans) look  at their involvement as a privilege that they want to honor; a  time to cherish their interactions within the lacrosse community.
  • High Standards:  striving for mastery of the game through effort, learning, and perseverance.
  • Conduct & Performance:  from mistakes and losses with a focus on continuous improvement as an individual, a team, and a club.  Using positive motivation and truthful and specific feedback that enables individuals to learn and improve in ways that do not undermine their sense of self-worth.