Eagle Men's Lacrosse
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Participation Polices

The EHS Men’s Lacrosse Team follows the rules and policies for athletic competition set forth by the SWILA, ILA, West Ada School District and Eagle High School code of conduct when it does not have a written policy.


The use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco (any form), and “vaping” is prohibited from the date EHS Men’s Lacrosse registration is due through the date of the end of the "season". The consequences shall be determined by the Board, the team Head Coach and the Head Coach of the program at their sole discretion, this may include removal from the program and/or the consequences outlined in the West Ada School District High School Student/Parent Handbook (most current or similar replacement of the same), such as a 21 day suspension.


All athletes must maintain a 2.5 grade point average and no grades of “F” during the lacrosse season or have an academic improvement plan in place through the school district. Grade checks occur weekly throughout the season. Any student with a grade point average of less than 2.5 or a grade of “F” in any subject will have one week to address the deficiency.  After 1 week, deficiencies that continue to exist will result in the player not be allowed to participate in any athletic/activity contest until they have a grade point average of 2.5 or above and/or “D” or better in that class. 


A student who is absent during any part of the day may not participate in any practice, game, or function that day unless deemed an extraordinary absence/waived (SWILA). Exceptions include situations beyond the control of the student such as bereavement, medical or dental appointments. It is the athlete’s responsibility to notify their head coach BEFORE missing practice or a game.  A student suspended in school for more than one period or out of school on the day of an activity will not be allowed to participate in that activity, game, or practice.  Please make sure to schedule any appointments outside of this time frame.


EHS Men’s Lacrosse parents, guardians, and players will be required to read and sign this Parent Contract containing minimum standard South West Idaho Lacrosse Association (SWILA) Code of Conduct language. Failure of parents, guardians, or players to sign Parent Contract will disqualify the player from play until this agreement is in place.

  • I (we) will remain in the spectator area during competitions, which is on the opposite side of the field from the team benches.
  • I (we) will “Honor the Game.”
  • I (we) will show respect for all involved with the game, including coaches, players, opponents, opposing fans, table crew, and officials. 
  • I (we) will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of a personal desire to win.
  • I (we) will not drink alcohol at contests or come to one having had too much to drink. (Also see Idaho Title 23, Chapter 6, 23-61) 
  • I (we) will help when asked to by a coach or official or board member.
  • I (we) will not confront officials during or after the game, either on the field or in the immediate vicinity (such as the parking lot). I (we) understand that any spectator violating this rule may be requested to immediately exit from the venue for the remainder of the game.
  • I (we) will support coaches and officials working with my child in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience.
  • I (we) understand that games can be exciting for my child as he/she deals with the fast-paced action of the game, responds to opponents, referees, teammates, and listens to coaches. I (we) will not yell out instructions. During the game, I (we) will make only sportsmanlike comments that encourage my child and other players on both teams. I (we) understand that any spectator violating this rule may be requested to immediately exit from the venue for the remainder of the game.
  • I (we) agree to relay Code of Conduct information to friends and family that attend games and understand that they must also abide by it.
  • I (we) understand that spectators and players are expected to abide by posted rules for the game venue or host team, and I (we) will familiarize ourselves with and abide by venue rules as posted at the venue or on the Idaho Lacrosse website. I (we) also understand that any spectator found violating these rules during or between games at the venue of play may be requested to immediately exit from the venue for the remainder of the game by an official representative of the host team. Failure to do so may result in further sanctions as determined by the SWILA Infractions Committee.
  • I (we) understand the SWILA infractions committee will review any repeat violations by an individual of any portion of the Parent Code of Conduct, and that this review may result in additional sanctions against the parent or guardian, or Member program. Sanctions may include suspension of the parent, guardian, or spectator from any or all SWILA activities as determined by the Infractions Committee.
  • I (we) will abide by all EHS Men’s Lacrosse policies for communicable diseases including COVID-19.  I (we) understand that failure to do so, may result in removal from practices and/or games, and may lead to removal of the player and/or legal guardian(s) from the EHS Men’s Lacrosse program.

In recognition of this parent/player contract being signed and player being accepted to participate in a SWILA lacrosse club, specifically Eagle High Men’s Lacrosse, I (we) agree to comply with the terms of this Parent Contract. If you have any officiating, coaching, or other concerns, please email the Vice President as listed on our website


EHS Men’s Lacrosse requires the completion of 8 hours of community service.  This includes, but is not limited to, field preparation, providing table or field help at varsity or JV games, providing assistance during the hosting of the Boise Lacrosse Invitational, officiating Eagle Youth Lacrosse events, providing instruction/coaching at Eagle Youth Lacrosse events, and Thunder Stadium cleaning/maintenance.  Incomplete community service hours will prevent the athlete from receiving their Varsity letter, service pin, and ineligibility for team, league and All American awards.


Please DO NOT APPROACH YOUR SON'S COACH, or any member of our coaching staff about playing time or other concerns:  Encourage your son to speak directly with their coach.  Your son needs to learn to advocate for himself and learn how to communicate with others.  If a concern is not of the nature that your son can communicate with his coach, please WAIT 24 HOURS before you communicate that concern to the Club Vice President.  Emotions run strong when our children are involved, and usually communication of concerns is the most effective after the emotional response to the situation has passed.  This is a helpful way to ensure you remain compliant with the EHS Men's Lacrosse Code of Conduct (see above).


The EHS Men’s Lacrosse Coaching Staff or Athletic Trainer will remove any player suspected of having sustained a concussion and endeavor to notify the parents or legal guardian immediately. The SWILA encourages all coaches, parents, and athletes to educate themselves about the recognition and treatment of concussions. Please know, coaches may not see the event that may have caused a concussion, and the player may not be aware he has one. In the event you suspect your son may have sustained a concussion, please seek immediate attention and notify the Board and the respective coach. No player suspected of having a concussion or being treated for one will be allowed to rejoin the team for practice or games until he has been cleared in writing by a doctor to do so.

A baseline concussion test (iMPACT Test) is required before playing for EHS Men’s Lacrosse. It is a computerized exam given to athletes before beginning a contact sport practice or competition. This noninvasive baseline is taken on a computer, in a controlled setting, and takes about 30 minutes to complete. If your son is suspected of or sustains a concussion, this baseline test will be used to help revaluate return to play status. St. Luke’s and St. Al’s offer the iMPACT test for a small fee. It is required to be repeated every 2 years.


In any lacrosse game, any EHS Men’s Lacrosse player ejected by an official for unsportsmanlike or flagrant act will be suspended for the remainder of the contest/game/festival; and, will be suspended for the next regularly scheduled contest. The player will also be required to take the NFHS free, online sportsmanship course and submit a certificate of completion to the coach prior to reinstatement. The course must be completed between ejection and reinstatement.


Personal equipment costs are the responsibility of the player and not included in registration fees. 

Each player must provide their own equipment.  If there is enough need a team order can be placed for helmets and possibly gloves to get a team discount. Information about the orders will be provided late summer/early winter through the ehslax website.

Equipment includes:

  • Helmet (forest green shell with silver chin and washer, and a chrome face mask for all players) Team orders will be placed in the early fall and early winter.
  • NOSCAE Compliant Shoulder pads
  • Elbow/arm guards 
  • Gloves (white, green, or grey)
  • Cleats (football or lacrosse cleats, no baseball or soccer cleats.  
  • Athletic supporter and cup or Compressive shorts with cup
  • Stick
  • Goalies: must have a throat guard and a chest protector in place of shoulder pads and elbow guards.


Each EHS Men’s Lacrosse athlete/family will have completed full payment of their season dues on the date set forth from the board each season before players can begin practice. This date is registration closes, approximately 2-4 weeks before practice begins.  A limited number of scholarships for players in need are available through EHS Men’s Lacrosse.  Interested parties may contact the club president for applications.   All Scholarship applications must be completed by the end of the registration period. 

Additionally, we do our best to anticipate all costs and appropriately budget for them in our registration fees.  However, from time to time, unforeseen financial circumstances can lead to "special allocation" costs for the club as a whole, or an individual team.  These include, but are not limited to, travel, uniform, or field use costs.  Payment of these special allocations is required to continue to play lacrosse for the club as a whole and/or an individual team within the club.  Payment plans are available for special allocations, and can be accessed by contacting the club president.


Each EHS Men’s Lacrosse player will participate in every lacrosse fundraising opportunity available each year unless extenuating circumstances prevent participation. EHS Men’s Lacrosse will let the players and families know in advance about upcoming events for scheduling purposes and post the dates of events on the program’s website. It is the responsibility of the player to contact their head coach BEFORE the event if they cannot attend and make up the opportunity as suggested by the coach. Multiple missed opportunities will prevent the athlete from receiving their varsity letter, service pin, and ineligibility for team, league and All American awards.


Hazing is defined as “any humiliating, potentially dangerous, or illegal activity expected of a student in order to belong to a group, regardless of his/her willingness to participate.” Any activities deemed to qualify under this definition will be dealt with by the head coach and Board on a case by case basis. Anything illegal will be dealt with through the local authorities.


Off season training is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.  These sessions are tailored to the game of lacrosse. They develop overall physical stamina, strength, flexibility and speed that will allow the athlete to become a better lacrosse player and dramatically decrease their chances for injury.  Additionally, wall ball and stick skill practice year round is always a good way to increase the opportunity for more playing time. 


Physical exams (or a copy) must be on file with the board prior to the first day of EHS Men’s Lacrosse practice. The athlete cannot participate until this occurs. Physicals are generally obtained in the 9th and 11th grade, but new players will need one if they haven't had one before. We do not have access to physicals turned into the school  They will be collected as part of the registration process.


We play lacrosse in various weather conditions.  Therefore, we practice in all weather conditions.   However, instances that may lead to practice cancellations are:

  • Air Quality:  We follow the West Ada School District policy regarding air quality.  If we are experiencing "Red" air quality, we will either cancel practice, or move it indoors.  We use the data that is published at airnow.gov for the 83616 zip code as the data point for that decision.
  • Lightning: Practice will be delayed or cancelled if lightning is observed.
  • Field Conditions:  If field conditions are deemed "unsafe" by the EHS Men's Lacrosse coaching staff, practice may be cancelled or moved indoors.


Due to the nature of the tryout process and expense of preplanned events, no refunds are given by EHS Men’s Lacrosse. However, a 50% refund shall be considered in the case of injury or illness with the receipt of a doctor’s note PRIOR to the start date of the first practice.  Any cost incurred, to that date, by the program shall be deducted from the refund, this includes, but is not limited to, the cost of the player kit and processing fees.


EHS Men’s Lacrosse has an outstanding reputation in the Treasure Valley for sportsmanship both on, and off the field.  Please remember that your behavior on the spectator sideline can directly affect our players behavior on the field.  EHS Men’s Lacrosse does not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior from our coaches, athletes, or parents/family members.

Positive Behavior

  • Parents are asked to remain on the Spectator side of the playing field only,  on the half of the field our team has their bench.
  • Parent behavior is positive and supportive of on-field play of both teams on the field as well as the officials, scorekeepers, and opponents sideline.

Behavior to Avoid

  • No parents are to be on the player/coach sideline at anytime
  • DO NOT Coach your player from the sideline.  Our coaching staff has specific expectations for your son on the field.  Coaching your player from the sideline may be contradictory to what your player has been asked to do by the EHS Men’s Lacrosse coaching staff.
  • At NO time is it appropriate for parents to speak to the officials, scorekeepers, or opposing players; all communications should be made through the EHS Men’s Lacrosse coaching staff who will present concerns respectfully to officials or event staff
  • Derogatory language or remarks directed toward EHS Men’s Lacrosse players or coaches, officials, or players, parents, coaches and/or representatives of other schools will not be tolerated.


As a student-athlete, you represent EHS Men’s Lacrosse and  you are expected to portray yourself, your team, and Eagle High School in a positive manner at all times.

Everything you post is public information – any text or photo placed online is completely out of your control the moment it is placed online – even if you limit access to your site. Information (including pictures, videos, and comments) may be accessible even after you remove it. Once you post a photo or comment on a social networking site, that photo or comment becomes the property of the site and may be searchable even after you remove it.

What you post may affect your future. Many employers, college admissions officers, and recruiters review social networking sites as part of their overall evaluation of a candidate. Carefully consider how you want people to perceive you before you give them a chance to misinterpret your information (including pictures, videos, comments, and posters).

Similar to comments made in person, EHS Men’s Lacrosse will not tolerate disrespectful comments and behavior online, such as: 

  • Derogatory language or remarks that may harm teammates or coaches; other Eagle High School student athletes, teachers, or coaches; and student-athletes, coaches, or representatives of other schools, including comments that may disrespect opponents.  This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Hateful messages base on protected characteristics (e.g. race, ethnicity, sexual orientation)
    • Sexually explicit material
    • Cyberbullying
    • Criticism of coaches
  • Incriminating photos, video, or statements depicting violence; hazing; sexual harassment; full or partial nudity; inappropriate gestures; vandalism, stalking; underage drinking, selling, possessing, or using illegal or controlled substances; or any other inappropriate behaviors.
  • Creating a serious danger to the safety of another person or making a credible threat of serious physical or emotional injury to another person.
  • Indicating knowledge of an unreported school or team violation—regardless if the violation was unintentional or intentional.

The on-line social network sites are NOT a place where you can say and do whatever you want without repercussions. The information you post on a social networking site is considered public information.


Every year, all EHS Men’s Lacrosse varsity positions are available for that year’s registered players. Each year, the coaching staff will choose the varsity team and a junior varsity team, keeping in mind player skill, athleticism, attitude/work ethic, which players work best together, and what is best for the program long term.

Currently, EHS Men’s Lacrosse has 1 Varsity and 1 JV team. Team roster size is limited to 22 players per team.  No cuts will be made at try-outs. However, if club registrations are in excess of 44 members, players not placed on the varsity or junior varsity team, may be placed on an alternate Eagle High School Men's Lacrosse practice squad to help further advance their fundamental lacrosse skills and IQ.  Players may be moved to, or from, any team throughout the season, as deemed appropriate by the Eagle High School Men's Lacrosse coaching staff.  This may occur until the league mandated roster "freeze date" in early May. 

On occasion, there may be a circumstance where a junior varsity player(s) is asked to dress for a varsity game. The opportunity to play on varsity is a privilege and it does not excuse that player from his junior varsity team responsibilities. Additionally, it does not guarantee him playing time during the varsity game.

As always, team selection, roster changes, and playing time are at the full discretion of our coaching staff. There is no guarantee that every player will play with equal time, or in every game.


Per the SWILA policies, this is a mandatory membership for each player. This membership, among many things, covers the athlete and the facilities for insurance needs. Membership signup is available through THIS LINK, or the team’s website registration session each season.


To be eligible, a player must: 

  1. Be on the Varsity roster for 51% of the Varsity games .
  2. Not miss more than 3 practices or 1 game in a season, unless cleared with the head coach BEFOREHAND for a school activity/commitment or prior arrangement.
  3. Participate in all fundraising and community service activities each season, unless cleared with the head coach BEFOREHAND.
  4. Not be ejected from two or more games
  5. Abide by the EHS Men’s Lacrosse student code of conduct, SWILA policies, and West Ada policies.
  6. Must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better every season.
  7. Return all uniforms each season.